The End of all things is near.

Well, sort of…  Like a horse gone lame, Microsoft is putting down our beloved OS as of April 8th.Notification_thumb_34BA09E7
Windows XP support is being discontinued by Microsoft and the ageing OS will no longer receive the monthly security updates
on “Patch Tuesday
While this is a bit distressing for many die-hard XP users,
I like to think of it as an opportunity to upgrade to a
newer, more secure and stable OS. While you can upgrade your old computer to Windows 7 or 8 or 8.1, it may also
require some hardware upgrades like RAM or a larger hard drive. If your computer
is still running an older single core processor like the Intel Pentium 4
or an AMD Athlon XP, a newer OS from Microsoft is not going to be a
good choice. But regardless of your hardware configuration, it is time to move on.
This is where I would give Ubuntu Linux a try.

“You can surf in safety with Ubuntu — confident that your files and data will stay protected — thanks to the built-in firewall and virus protection. And if a potential vulnerability appears, we provide automatic updates which you can install in a single click.
It’s clean fresh look and feature rich GUI will amaze you.”