Back to the Future?

You just upgraded to the latest OS from Microsoft but you’re not feeling good about it? Maybe not quite ready for it?

It’s not always wise to upgrade your OS if you are still using older versions of software. Many of the older versions of Word Perfect, Microsoft Office and other productivity software carried over from the days of Windows XP are not going to make the transition to Windows 10. This really isn’t a surprise since every new OS release seems to have some ill effects toward the older programs. The same goes for games, trying to make those old Windows 95/98 games work on Windows 7 or 8 has been an eye opener for many people when they finally realize the truth. “Newer isn’t always Better”

Fortunately if you have recently installed the Windows 10 “free” upgrade and aren’t satisfied. You can roll back to your previous OS, whether it’s Windows 7 or Windows 8.1, there is hope for you.